TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
New York City and Chicago Skylines
Pro Bono Advertising, Branding, Design, and Public Speaking

Some of the political, cultural, and humanitarian causes to which Jane Rubin has contributed since childhood are:

Invited Speaker
Solving Global Homelessness
United Nations, 2018

Jane was honored to be an invited speader at this UN event about global homelessness. Jane focused on deconstructing outdated misperceptions of homelessness. These false generalizations are not fact-based in a world in which many people suddenly lose their jobs and homes as a result of crime, natural disaster, and discrimination (and not because they don't want to work or are mentally ill). False stigmas, over-emphasis on old-fashioned pharmaceutical-only treatments, corrupt practices with the DHS System, and psychiatric malpractice and abuse are the real problems. The correct approach to solving homelessness is implementation of policies designed to prevent it in the first place, and holistic vocational, physical health, and mental health support.

Grant Writer, Designer, Photographer
Tillary Park Foundation - Tillary Park Pro Hoops, 2006

Jane Rubin composed a successful visual and verbal grant proposal that won funding for the redevelopment of Tillary Park in Brooklyn: She shot a photographic documenatary of the delapidated, dangerous children's play aream and wrote a textual propsoal covering the needed rehab and expansion of the playground, sports facilities, after-school programs, and basketball tourmament. Contact Daryl Barlow, Founder of CEO of the Tillary Park Foundation, for further information.

Creative Director, Graphic Designer
Promotional Collateral
Taino: Pre-Columbian Art and Culture, 1997
El Museo del Barrio, New York City
Jane Rubin was invited to design print collatoral to promote this museum exhibition.


Privacy Policy
Creative Director, Graphic Designer
Conference Promotions
Interfaith Network Conference, 1993
Council of Churches of NYC and Temple Israel, NYC

Jane Rubin was asked to design branding and print collatoral to promote this interfaith conference.

Artist, Creative Director
Clinton-Gore 1992

Jane Rubin was asked by national campaign staff to create artwork for Vice President Gore's rally at the World Trade Center, and for President Clinton's Campaign Archives at the Clinton Library. Jane conceptualized, drew, painted and wrote slogans for multiple posters, (in one night). Upon the request of V.P. Gore, Jane was introduced to him and gave him a poster for his collection. Upon the request of a Clinton Campaign staff member after their victory, Jane also conceptualized and executed a large-scale painting, approximately 72" x 72", (in one night,) with imagery and grafitti, for the Clinton Campaign Archives.

Crispus Attucks Association, York, Pennsylvania, 1986

To support Crispus Attucks, Jane Rubin shot black & white photographic documentation of York's inner city housing, and the rehabilitation project going on at the time.

Children for McGovern, York, Pennsylvania, 1972

Jane Rubin, (age 9,) in collaboration with Andrew Stewart, (age 10,) set up a booth as their campaign headquarters on East Springettsbury Street, where they were joined by other neighborhood children. With the help of two golden retreivers whom they recruited, they stopped traffic and raised funds for the McGovern-Shriver Campaign. They were covered in a two-day feature in the York Daily Record, in which Jane stated her support for busing and school desegragation. Shortly afterwards, Jane was taken by the Teen Democrats of York to the U.S. Senate Building in Washington D.C., where she had the honor of being thanked by McGovern's National Campaign Manager.