BSA Advertising was located at 360 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NY

Derreck Alexander
Business Partner

Derreck John Alexander has contributed his unwavering fortitude and natural sophistication to TOTALVIEW Global since its inception. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Derreck's African American and Native American father was a Vietnam Veteran with diabetes. Although his death was preventable, John Alexander passed away in a Brooklyn Hospital in Derreck's late teens.

Simultaneously, Derreck had won a college basketball scholarship in Georgia. He was a floor leader — a Point-Shooting Guard with a high basketball and visual-spatial IQ — who could also play Forward. However, in his freshman year, after dunking the ball and landing on his hands, Derreck crushed both of his wrists. He lost his scholarship and his future as a pro athlete.

Those are just a few of several tragedies that Derreck Alexander has miraculously overcome. Leaders are able to persevere through real-life obstacles and crises — not just game situations — and Derreck Alexander has accomplished this in settings and situations that few could ever handle. He has risen above. He has gone forward.

In addition to bringing long-term, consistent growth to Manhattan and Brooklyn hardware companies, since the early 2000s, Derreck John Alexander has contributed his amazing inner resilience, fortitude, and natural grace to the growth of TOTALVIEW Global.

Many people — including wealthy, pampered professional athletes, corporate CEOs, and politicians — faced with the challenges and injustices that Derreck Alexander faced in his childhood and teens — would have crumbled in his shoes.

Derreck John Alexander exemplifies the character of a true leader. Something to think about.

BSA Advertising was located at 360 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NY

Jane Rubin, Founder,
CEO, Creative Director

Jane Rubin is a Creative Director, Multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist, and Visual Designer. After receiving her BA at Columbia University with honors and then her MFA at CalArts, Jane was one of a small number of American Artists selected to particpate in the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program. Jane was selected without an interview — a rarity. As Whitney Program Founder Ron Clark told Jane, she was one of the Whitney Program's first picks.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Like her business partner, Derreck Alexander, in her childhood in York, Pennsylvania, in order to live safely and achieve in life it was necessary for Jane to rapidly develop survival instincts, diverse-people skills, and a lot of resilience and faith. Rigorous ballet training also developed Jane's inner toughness, focus, and self-discipline.

To support herself in New York, Jane taught herself digital design software.

In the early 90s, Jane began working at global agencies in Manhattan, designing and executing creative for Pharma and CPG brands that included Fosomax, Eastman-Kodak, Allegra, and Purina. Skipping lunch breaks, Jane simultaneously created her own ad campaigns. A CD at Avrett saw Jane's portfolio, joined Ed McCabe at McCabe & Company, and they brought Jane on as their full-time Art Director where Jane was the AD and Designer on ad campaigns for Reliance Insurance, School of Visual Art, and ESPN Classic that appeared on The Bloomberg Terminal, in The New York Times and Village Voice, on MTA Trains and Buses, on Phone Kiosks, and at the Super Bowl.

While she was at McCabe & Company, Ed McCabe promoted Jane to Creative Director on Interactive. After Jane conceptualized, executed, and sold an animated interactive project to School of Visual Arts — earning a large sum for McCabe & Company — Ed advised Jane to start her own agency.

Jane went on to become an award-winning Creative Director at BSA Advertising and was contacted to work independently. In the early 2000s, while she was in-house Creative Director for Withit, Inc., Jane launched TOTALVIEW Global.

Due to the fact that Jane Rubin has brought win after win to everyone — her agency — TOTALVIEW — has won virtually every client through referral.

Jane consistently brings a combination of Conceptual, Visual Design, and Technical Talent — and her Moral Values and Inner Strength — to TOTALVIEW Global's clients — who have profited every time.

BSA Advertising was located at 360 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NY

Prince Goutam
Full-Stack Developer

Prince Goutam is a Senior Full-Stack Developer with over seven years of experience, including as a development team lead. Prince is an expert in a full suite of back-end coding languages as well as front-end developement. His extensive knowledge-base ensures the precise realization of Jane Rubin's custom creative direction, visual design, and interactive design for clients, including custom responsive websites, e-commerce solutions, stand alone software, and mobile applications.

Prince's knowledge-base includes:

PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Cake php, and Laravel

Javascript, React Js, Knockout, Vue, jQuery/jQuery UI, Node Js, Angular Js and Angular 2/4/5/6, and Html/CSS

Database, MySql, Firbase, and SQL

APIs, git, Trello, Jira, bibucket, freedcamp, SVN, Slack

While Jane Rubin is a self-taught front-end developer who simultaneously visually designs and codes client sites, Prince Goutam brings specialized, full-stack development expertise to TOTALVIEW Global and its clients. Your project requirements executed on the back-end and front-end with precision.

It is a long-running myth that large or complex projects require large teams and layers of bureaucracy. Actually, entangling your company with a large creative agency is a waste of your time and money.

TOTALVIEW Global is the more elegant and efficient choice.