TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
New York City and Chicago Skylines

Jane Cohen Rubin
Founder, CEO, Executive Creative Director, Fine Artist
Jane Rubin's personal life has been — conservative — relative to most people in business, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

In running TOTALVIEW, Jane Rubin has worked remotely, from New York City, for companies run by male trading industry leaders in other American cities. Other than an occasional in-person business meeting or dinner with a group of people — Jane never had any social interaction with them. They successfully conducted business via Instant Messaging and over the phone.

As a full-time employee at other ad agencies, Jane Rubin was also a squeaky clean professional person who advanced on the basis of her talent, work ethic, and the excellent results she brought.

In creating paintings and drawings of pro male athletes at men's basketball games — and in the front rows at Yankee Stadium — Jane Rubin was a focused, serious professional artist painting athletes in motion. Jane Rubin made created a body of paintings and drawings at these games — and went home.

Simply put:

Men and women in pop culture, politics, academia, and the arts — who have used their wealth and mainstream media power — to destructively slander and libel — Jane Rubin — a Contemporary Female Artist — are a disgrace.

Many of those people — male and female — "party" and "cruise."

Jane Rubin does not.

Jane Rubin's personal life is — conservative — compared to theirs.

However — Jane Rubin does not have a massive public relations machine — or her own tv station.

They do.

So — they can cover up their wildness — while spreading destructive lies about Jane Rubin.

More facts:

From 1999 to 2011 Jane Rubin — a Straight Cisgender Woman — was living with her common law husband — Derreck Alexander — in an entirely faithful relationship.

As sane people who actually know Jane Rubin can confirm — Jane is a self-disciplined, professional person.

In her childhood and teens — Jane Rubin was consistently high-achieving and always well-behaved.

(No contract with her parents was needed).

In her childhood and teens — Jane was an advanced ballet dancer, pianist, and visual artist — as well as academically gifted — and Jane was never spoiled. Far from it.

Jane Rubin attended rough public schools in York, PA — where Jane and her sisters were the only Jewish children. Jane has had blue collar and corporate jobs since her teens.

Jane Rubin went from being a digital artist at global ad agencies in the 90s — to running TOTALIEW Global — on the basis of her own real talents and work ethic — competing fairly and honestly — always.

In the past — Jane Rubin let her work speak for itself.


While Jane Rubin was taking the high road and not talking...

While Jane Rubin was staying focused on her art and on the work she did for her ad agency clients...

Shallow men and women — with the mass media power to destroy a life with one dirty "joke" or nickname...

Injured Jane Rubin — and those close to Jane — extensively.

Their poison, lies, and criminally bullying of Jane Rubin — do not go away by ignoring it.

"If you want mediocre go with the next company, but if you want genius, true professionalism and just absolute amazement go with Jane Rubin.

Jane's level of integrity is genuine and her commitment to bringing excellence to her cients is unprecedented. She delivers the "WOW" factor each time, every time."

Donjo Franklin, CEO, Franklin Global Capital LLC

"Jane Rubin has been the Creative Director for NinjaTrader since February 2006, providing creative direction on advertising, marketing and corporate branding. We appreciate Jane's talent and commmitment.

In partnership with Jane, NinjaTrader has prospered significantly."

John Gromala, Partner, NinjaTrader LLC

"Jane has continuously provided high quality work and maintained her focus and high moral standards of conduct, at all times."

Tom Busby, CEO and Founder, DTI Trader, Inc.

"We had interviewed many individuals and firms. We found Jane Rubin had the best vision and experience to do this job. We hired Jane full-time as Creative Director and Head of Branding. Jane went far and beyond the job that we asked her to provide.

Jane is so talented that I am confident in referring her to any company.

Jane also rapidly passed the Series 3 and Series 30 exams. Jane conducted herself as a true professional."

Damon Pavlatos, CEO, FuturePath Trading LLC