TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
TOTALVIEW Global: Top Creative Agency: Advertising, Branding, Design; Jane Rubin, Creative Director
New York City and Chicago Skylines

TOTALVIEW Global — Since 2001
Founder and Executive Creative Director Jane Rubin resides in New York City where she runs TOTALVIEW Global and is also a Professional Fine Artist. Jane was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania.

In order to finance her painting and drawing career, throughout the 1990s Jane contributed as a Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director at midtown ad agencies and in publishing, directing and designing campaigns for corporate accounts. Jane also taught "Media Communications" at School of Visual Arts in the late 1990s.

Jane launched TOTALVIEW in the early 2000s when a Financial VoIP Broadcasting start-up near the New York Stock Exchange contacted Jane to be their in-house Creative Director, while also giving her the freedom to start her own agency.

In 2003, FuturePath Trading LLC contacted Jane to compete for their business. FuturePath is an IIB in Chicago with a proprietary, institutional trading platform, PhotonTrader. Having beat all competitors — Jane was hired and put on retainer by FuturePath in 2003.

In 2006 NinjaTrader — a tiny start-up at the time — hired Jane as their Creative Director. With Jane directing, designing, and producing all of NinjaTrader's creative from 2006 to 2010, NinjaTrader became one of the world's largest trading software companies.

In 2009, NinjaTrader's Partners asked Jane to move to Denver to be their in-house Executive Creative Director. Jane chose to continue to run TOTALVIEW and create Art in New York City, where she lived with her husband, Derreck John Alexander.

Jane was also referred to DTI Trader, Inc. in 2007. Jane created all of DTI's interactive, branding, and advertising through 2010. DTI also grew and profited rapidly. In 2010 Jane was referred to both Franklin Global Capital and to the Subconscious Trading Corporation, directing, designing, and creating content for interactive, branding, social media and experiential promotions.

In 2012, Jane temporarily stepped away from TOTALVIEW, to focus on her fine art.

TOTALVIEW Global is now being re-launched with an expanded team that includes full-stack developers and direct marketing and production specialists.
"If you want mediocre go with the next company, but if you want genius, true professionalism and just absolute amazement go with Jane Rubin.

Jane's level of integrity is genuine and her commitment to bringing excellence to her cients is unprecedented. She delivers the "WOW" factor each time, every time."

Donjo Franklin, CEO, Franklin Global Capital LLC

"Jane Rubin has been the Creative Director for NinjaTrader since February 2006, providing creative direction on advertising, marketing and corporate branding. We appreciate Jane's talent and commmitment.

In partnership with Jane, NinjaTrader has prospered significantly."

John Gromala, Partner, NinjaTrader LLC

"Jane has continuously provided high quality work and maintained her focus and high moral standards of conduct, at all times."

Tom Busby, CEO and Founder, DTI Trader, Inc.

"We had interviewed many individuals and firms. We found Jane Rubin had the best vision and experience to do this job. We hired Jane full-time as Creative Director and Head of Branding. Jane went far and beyond the job that we asked her to provide.

Jane is so talented that I am confident in referring her to any company.

Jane also rapidly passed the Series 3 and Series 30 exams. Jane conducted herself as a true professional."

Damon Pavlatos, CEO, FuturePath Trading LLC