BSA Advertising was located at 360 Lexington Avenue, New York City, NY


While Jane Rubin is the Co-Creative Director and Art Department Head at BSA Advertising in Manhattan — other businesses contact Jane to provide independent creative direction to them.


Withit, Inc. hires Jane Rubin as their in-house Creative Director, providing Jane with the freedom to launch her own agency, TOTALVIEW. Jane creates successful websites, branding, advertising, and software design for Withit's VoIP financial news and squawk channels.


During 2002, Jane creates the new TOTALVIEW logo, tagline, and website — — live in January 2003. While her agency is originally called "Totalview Marketing" — as stated on the first homepage in 2003: "TOTALVIEW Marketing creates multi-dimensional branding and advertising solutions."

Chicago Financial District: FuturePath Trading hired Jane Rubin in 2003 as their Creative Director

FuturePath Trading

FuturePath Trading LLC, a newly formed Introducing Broker in Chicago, contacts Jane Rubin, asking her to pitch to them. Jane beats larger competitors. FuturePath hires Jane. Jane creates two web sites, branding, and advertising for FuturePath and their proprietary trading platform, PhotonTrader — all successful.

Jane Rubin designed the software interface and user interaction for xSquawk LLC, which broadcasted real-time squawk and financial news using VoIP.


Jane Rubin is referred to xSquawk LLC in Chicago. xSquawk wants to launch software that broadcasts live squawk from the CME trading floor — as well as market-related news. Jane designs the new software and creates branding, a website, and advertising. xSquawk rapidly gains many subscribers.

Jane Rubin passed the National Futures Association Series 3 Futures Broker Exam in 2005 and Series 30 Futures Branch Manager Exam in 2006

NFA Series 3 and 30

Jane passes the NFA Series 3 in 2005 and the Series 30 in 2006. This enables Jane to provide creative direction — and specialized industry knowledge — to her clients. Jane designs and writes a new Futures Education Section on Already top-ranked, FuturePath's website gains more traffic and leads.

NinjaTrader hired Jane Rubin as their Creative Director in 2006.

NinjaTrader LLC

At the start of 2006, Jane Rubin is referred to NinjaTrader, a tiny trading platform start-up in Denver. Jane rapidly creates a top-ranked website and successful branding and advertising. From 2006-10, Jane Rubin is NT's sole creative person. NT becomes a globally dominant company with a large partner ecosystem.

DTI Trader hired Jane Rubin as their Creative Director in 2007

DTI Trader

In 2007, Jane is referred to Tom Busby, Founder and CEO of DTI Trader, in Mobile, Alabama, a leader in trader education. Jane creates a new website that rapidly gains top-five search rankings and launches DTI's first online store. From 2007-10 Jane creates all of DTI's marketing. DTI enjoys remarkable growth.

Mirus Futures

Mirus Futures

Jane Rubin is referred to Mirus Futures, brokerage partner of NinjaTrader. Jane creates a successful website and branding for Mirus. In 2009, Jane is referred to Rosenthal Collins Group to promote the RCG Onyx Platform. Jane creates and A/B tests a Google Adwords Campaign. It wins exceptional conversion rates.

NinjaTrader asked Jane Rubin to be their in-house full-time Executive Creative Director in Denver in 2009.

NT Executive CD

Raymond Deux, CEO of NinjaTrader, asks Jane Rubin if she will re-locate to Denver and become Ninja's in-house Executive Creative Director. Jane declines the offer as she lives with her husband in New York — where she is simultaneously a Professional Fine Artist. Also, Jane wants to continue running TOTALVIEW.

Franklin Global Capital hires Jane Rubin as Creative Director of new branding, website and facebook page.

Franklin Global Capital

Jane is referred to Donjo Franklin, Founder and CEO at Franklin Global Capital LLC, who has developed proprietary forex trading indicators and offers managed forex trading. Jane creates the new FGC brand identity, a custom website, and Facebook page. FGC is flooded with calls and gains many new customers.

The Subconscious Training Corporation hires Jane Rubin as Creative Director of the new Disciplined Trader website and of their first live event in Miami, Florida including branding and marketing for the event.

Disciplined Trader

In 2010, Jane Rubin is referred to the Subconscious Training Corporation and creates a new website for "The Disciplined Trader," their main trader coaching program. Jane becomes the Creative Director of TDT's first live event. Jane creates, directs, and performs in the show — staged in Miami to a full house.

Photo of paintbrushes — Jane Rubin — a Fine Artist — took a break from being the creative director of her ad agency in 2012 to focus on painting and drawing.

Focus on Art

In February 2012, Jane decides to step away from TOTALVIEW to focus on expanding the body of paintings and drawings that she has been creating since 1998 at live sports events. Growing up, Jane was a ballet dancer. From her dance-athleticism and muscle memory Jane can draw and paint other athletes in motion.

Urban Youth Foundation in York, PA, Jane Rubin's hometown, hires Jane as Creative Director of new branding and website.

Urban Youth, York, PA

In 2015, Jane relaunches her agency as "TOTALVIEW Global" and rapidly wins new projects: Jane is hired to create brand identity and an e-commerce website for an Agriculture Education Foundation for Urban Youth in York, PA — Jane's hometown. Also, DTI Trader hires Jane to create a new email campaign.

IBM hires Jane Rubin in January 2016 as Creative Director and Designer of presentations to Pfizer and Google.


Jane Rubin is hired as a Creative Director and Designer to create PowerPoint Decks for IBM. Jane meets in-person and virtually with IBM Partners, VPs, and Engineers. IBM Executives give Jane rambling content and old infographics to use in Pfizer and IBM pitches. Jane designs clean, fresh presentations for IBM.

International Better Business Bureau hires Jane Rubin as Creative Director of Facebook Campaign.


In October 2020, The International BBB contacts Jane Rubin to create a Facebook Campaign to inform consumers how to shop safely online during the Holidays. Jane creates multiple campaigns, including video, carousel, and static ads. Both Facebook and the BBB applaud the work and want to run more than one campaign.


Jane Rubin begins to fully relaunch TOTALVIEW Global in 2021, bringing on team members so that she can focus entirely on Creative Direction and Design — while still keeping TOTALVIEW lean and agile. Jane began redesigning in Fall 2022. As of January 2023, the new site is near completion.