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Jane Rubin, Creative Director, Designer, Artist
Jane Rubin, Creative Director, Designer, Artist
Jane Rubin, Founder, Creative Director, and Contemporary Artist is a ground-breaking leader of creative and business process disruption who has brought remarkable growth to every employer and client.

In 2001, Jane decided to no longer be exploited as a Creative Director at midtown Manhattan ad agencies, where her talents, intellect and her ballet-dancer self-discipline had won millions of dollars in profits for her employers.

Rather than continue to be absurdly underpaid by the overrated, bloated corporate entities exploiting her vision, Jane launched her own virtual agency.

From the start, TOTALVIEW Global has brought superior results to every client.

"If you want mediocre go with the next company, but if you want genius, true professionalism and just absolute amazement go with Jane Rubin. Jane's level of integrity is genuine and her commitment to bringing excellence to her clients is unprecedented. She delivers the "WOW" factor each time, every time."

Donjo Franklin, CEO and Founder, Franklin Global Capital LLC

This speaks for itself: Virtually all TOTALVIEW Global clients have been won through referral — no pitch needed.

All concepts, visual design, and words are visualized, choreographed, written, and executed by Jane Rubin. Jane is also a front-end developer who codes custom-designed responsive websites.

Additionally, Jane provides direction and design for Software Applications, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Sites, and other state-of-the-art custom-designed projects, and TOTALVIEW Global's full-stack developers provide bug-free programming on the back-end.

Jane's original vision for TOTALVIEW has remained consistent, prioritizing the following:

Excellence and integrity


Originality, beauty, and differentation expressed across all channels consistently. TOTALVIEW Global's clients "rise above the noise" while also being represented to the world in a timeless, elegant style that is neither too loud nor too quiet.

Streamlined efficiency: Benefit from superior creative and business savvy, without the overhead costs and headaches of coping with a large bureauratic ad agency.

Transparently TOTALVIEW is a ground-breaking virtual agency that provides Fortune-500 level creative in an agile and seamless way.

TOTALVIEW clients included Introducing Brokers, Trading Platform and Trade System Companies, a Clearing Firm, and Trading Psychologists and Educators.

Within the Trading and Trading Technology Arenas, TOTALVIEW Global is exceptional in providing unusually creative branding and advertising campaigns — that are also remarkably profitable — and — there is no other agency with TOTALVIEW Global's specialized trading industry expertise.

In addition to being a consistently successful Creative Director with a Fortune 500-level background — Jane also passed the NFA Series 3 Futures and Commodities Broker Exam (twice) and Series 30 Futures Branch Manager exam.

Jane knows the instruments, structure, and methods of the Futures Industry and can therefore create optimal creative both on the image branding side and on the content side.

Jane knows the compliance rules for the Futures Trading Industry with regard to promotional materials.

Before she founded TOTALVIEW Global, Jane Rubin was as a full-time CD and AD at large ad agencies and publishing companies in Manhattan, directing and designing campaigns for large corporations across a range of verticals. Due to the consistently profitable results that she brought to every employer and corporate client, Jane was contacted to work independently for a VoIP Financial Broadcasting Company near the NYSE. While Jane was the Creative and Marketing Director for Withit, Inc., she successfully launched TOTALVIEW Global.