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Real life Mad Man Ed McCabe, told Jane Rubin to start her own agency. Jane Rubin did.
The campaign for School of Visual Arts was created at McCabe & Company while Jane Rubin was the sole Art Director, as well as Interative Creative Director, at that agency during 1996-97. Ed McCabe was ECD-Coywriter. Jerry Andreozzi was Associate Creative Director. The SVA Campaign was seen all over New York on trains, buses and phone kiosks, as a mural on the main SVA Building on Est 23rd Street, and it ran as full-page color ads in The Village Voice and other publications. The interactive version was created by Jane Rubin in Macromedia Director. After SVA had purchased the interactive campaign, Ed McCabe told Jane Rubin to start her own ad agency. Jane Rubin never saw "Mad Men." She does not own a television and rarely watches TV, which, as scientific research has shown, rots your brain and causes obesity. However, she did start her own agency. VIEW CAMPAIGN.