Jane Rubin is the Executive Creative Director and CEO of TOTALVIEW GLobal
NO PITCH NEEDED: Virtually all TOTALVIEW Global accounts have been won through referral. That is for one reason only: Results.






Jane Rubin is the Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director of TOTALVIEW Global. In addition to being an award-winning CD, Jane is also an exhibited and published Fine Artist. Before starting TOTALVIEW, Jane was a CD and AD at midtown agencies, where she directed, designed and wrote headlines for Fortune 500 accounts. Due to the consistent results she won for corporate clients, in the early 2000s Jane was contacted by a FinTech Company near the NYSE to be their in-house Creative Director, with the freedom to start her own agency.

Multiple global trading and investment firms then contacted Jane Rubin to be their Creative Lead. Jane brought remarkable growth to every client. While doing so she also passed the NFA Series 3 and 30. This has enabled her to provide specialized industry awareness to her clients, as a Creative Director, Visual Designer (and Copywriter) who understands the institutional and retail online trading world, its instruments and demographic.

ABOUT THE SHOW AT THE TRUMP RESORT: In 2010, "The Subconscious Training Corporation" (STC), based in Parkland Florida, was referred to TOTALVIEW Global. STC trains Traders and Athletes in mental discipline. The Disciplined Trader (TDT) is STC's mental coaching division. In 2010, the Owner of STC asked Jane Rubin to design a new e-commerce website for TDT. Jane was then named Creative Director of TDT's first live event. Jane directed, art directed, and wrote the show. Per the request of STC, "The Disciplined Trader Lifestyle Apprentice Show" spun off of "The Apprentice Show" concept of having contestants face challenges, win or go home. Actually, Jane never saw "The Apprentice Show." During 2010-11, Jane created the entire TDT show without any references. It was a great opportunity to combine advertising, art and performance in a multimedia event. The show was successful in every way. It was performed to a packed theatre, standing room only.

As for the show's venue, holding the event at The Trump International Resort was a business decision on the part of STC. The venue does not represent Jane Rubin's political views, one way or the other.

Jane was a Selected American Artist in The Whitney Museum Program. She received her M.F.A. from CalArts, and her B.A. from Columbia University, with academic and visual art honors. In childhood Jane danced, played music and painted. She was considered to have advanced ability in all three art forms. Jane was born and raised in our Nation’s first capital, York, PA, where she attended the rough, York City Public Schools, the only Jewish child.

When Jane was 9 years old, she co-founded a Children for McGovern campaign, stood up for desegregation in the local news, and was taken to the Senate Building in Washington, where she had the honor of being thanked for leading this children’s contribution to the United States Presidential Campaign.

Her recently deceased, wonderful father, Harry J. Rubin, was a talented musician and attorney. Her maternal grandmother, Mildred Charlap Cohen, was a Painter. Her cousin, Moose Charlap, composed Peter Pan and other musical scores. Her maternal grandfather, Herbert Cohen, was a politician who overcame anti-semitic bigotry to become the PA House Majority Leader, PA Attorney General, and a PA Supreme Court Judge, as well as the recognized leader of the Democratic party in Pennsylvania. He was respected for his lifelong integrity, a trait that Jane inherited.